The pandemic has made distance learning essential. Showing unparalleled adaptability, school boards have pivoted to distance learning very quickly. School boards are ensuring that they provide the best possible distance learning experience and the same quality of instruction. During the health crisis, many Catholic school boards developed virtual academies to address the need for stability in the future.

In Ontario, the Consortium d’apprentissage virtuel de langue française de l’Ontario (CAVLFO) has been one of the pillars in the development of online courses for French-language Catholic secondary schools for over a decade. To this important resource will eventually be added the new mandate of the TFO Media Group to enhance the range of online courses from elementary to high school.

At all times, in the expansion of online learning, especially in a post-pandemic world, the AFOCSC is mindful of the continued growth of the French-language Catholic education system. In pursuing this model, the association also recognizes the associated risks to students’ mental health and the barriers to recruitment and retention of French-speaking teachers.

How can we help?

Build on existing expertise in the French-language sector by providing adequate funding to the CAVLFO to maintain and increase its operations, facilitate TFO’s participation in content development, and define the structures of a ministry plan adapted to the needs and realities of the Francophone community in Ontario.

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