Welcome to the Association franco-ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques (AFOCSC)

Our boards are distinguished by a faith-based education rooted in Jesus Christ. The learning environment created in a Catholic school reflects the Catholic curriculum, faith education, pastoral animation and community action.

AFOCSC is actively involved in the growth of Ontario’s French-language Catholic school system and strives for the academic success and identity building of all its students.



Education is at the heart of our communities, and this is especially true these days. We are monitoring the progress of the coronavirus (COVID-19) provincially and we are in constant contact with our member boards and the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our priority remains the safety and health of students and staff in our schools.

We would like to share with you what we are doing in our association to meet this commitment. We are working with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and school boards to facilitate the best possible sharing of information for everyone.

We are working with the Directors of Education to ensure that the COVID-19 prevention plan is up to date. Our member school boards are working closely with local health offices to keep parents informed of new developments.

Rest assured that French Catholic school boards are taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and, most importantly, the physical and mental health of students and staff.

Simple, easy and routine hygiene practices can reduce the spread of germs and help you and your family stay healthy. These practices include:

  • washing or sanitizing hands regularly,
  • wearing face coverings,
  • respecting social distancing,
  • coughing or sneezing into your elbow,
  • and staying home when symptoms of the disease occur.

For the latest updates on coronavirus in Ontario, you can visit the Ministry of Health website and download the COVID Alert mobile app.

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