Health Crisis (COVID-19)

Virus Covid-19

The health and safety of all students and school staff in our French-language Catholic school boards is our priority. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Catholic school boards have had to be agile in responding to the demands and restrictions imposed, particularly in our schools, for the well-being of all. The association understands the pressure felt by the Ontario government to make prudent decisions in an already fragile situation. The Association wants to be an important partner in the Ontario government’s decision-making regarding the health and safety of our school communities. It is important to realize that the “one-size-fits-all” approach rarely works in the reality of school boards, which must redouble their efforts to provide French language services to students and their families. Catholic school boards continue to work hard to ensure a safe and accessible start to the school year for students and staff in September 2021.

How can we help?

Ensure two-way communication with government and community health services to develop strong collaboration and better planning between our association and our school boards for the well-being of all!

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